Watches Natalie Portman stars in Pablo Larrain's feature film about the First Lady. Read more

Watches A growing demand for smaller ladies’ timepieces has watchmakers scaling down.
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Watches Bright sapphires, tourmalines, garnets, spinels and rubellites are the shining stars of these seven mesmerising timepieces. Read more

Watches Designs involving animal motifs have always been favourite among jewellery designers and watchmakers. New but also ancient techniques enable artisans to raise the bar for their creations as these seven stunning timepieces show.
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Watches Chic and sporty, two-tone watches combine the best of both worlds.
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Watches Fendi added a new black edition to their famous Crazy Carats collection. This line of refined and elegant timepieces features rotating gemstones on the dials that can be changed to suit different personal style moments. Read more