Revered and admired, Jackie Kennedy was one of the most popular and most photographed First Ladies of the 20th century. “Jackie,” starring Natalie Portman as the wife of President John F Kennedy, is an unflinching portrait of a woman both iconic and mysterious, as well as a rumination on faith, history, mythology and loss.
Blending fiction and reality, “Jackie” by director Pablo Larrain paints a vivid picture of the iconic First Lady.   This in-depth portrait of Jackie Kennedy follows her over a period of four days starting shortly before the assassination on 22ndNovember 1963.  In keeping with her trademark style and Larrain’s authentic approach, the treasured watch that Jackie Kennedy wore during that era makes a special appearance on her wrist in certain scenes of the film.
Nathalie’s performance has already received rave reviews from critics, but the authenticity of the character goes beyond hers skills; Jackie’s fashion style was also brought to life. Larrain had Natalie wear the original gold Piaget watch that Jackie favoured. Featuring an oval jade dial with diamonds and emeralds, this watch is fitted with a supple fabric-like bracelet made from gold mesh adorned with the Piaget “palace” decor. The elegant timepiece that once belonged to Jackie Kennedy is emblematic of Piaget’s golden age with its fine goldsmithing and coloured stones. A collection released in 2014 included several creations inspired by this special watch.
To coincide with the international release of the new movie, Piaget will be editing special edition of this iconic watch with its characteristic hard stone dial available from as January download-13 download-14