ILGIZ FAZULZYANOV  This Russian jeweller, who earlier this year had an exhibition at the Kremlin in Moscow, is a master of traditional jewellery crafts and this gold, diamond, sapphire and opal Dragonflies necklace, which was creating using the ancient skill of lost-wax casting, shows off his expertise in traditional plique-à-jour enamelling, which allows light to pass through the enamel to create a stained glass effect.

ALICE CICOLINI  The intricate leaf pattern on this 22ct yellow gold and pink amethyst ring, inspired by a jewel from the Maharaja of Jodhpur’s private collection, was hand-painted by one of the last Jaipur meenakari, an artist trained in the enamel traditions of Persia passed down through their family for more than 200 years.

ARABEL LEBRUSAN  Filigree is an ancient metalwork art form that can be traced back to 2500BC and is created by twisting and hand-forming incredibly thin threads of precious metal to make intricate, often repeating, patterns, as shown in this elaborate Victoriana bangle crafted in recycled silver.

KIMBERLY MCDONALD Gemstone carving has been a jewellery tradition for thousands of years and these vintage hand-carved turquoise Buddhas were given a new lease of life when the American jewellery designer discovered the pair and set them into these contemporary 18ct yellow gold and white diamond earrings.

MARCO BICEGO The renowned Italian jewellery designer has developed a strong signature style by instructing his craftsmen to etch the surface of his solid gold designs with hundreds of fine lines; an engraving process called Bulino that takes a very long time and is done by hand using a special traditional goldsmithing tool – the effect of which is beautifully demonstrated in these Lunaria earrings.

JACQUELINE CULLEN Granulation is a 5,000-year-old jewellery technique that calls for the surface of jewellery to be dotted with tiny spheres of precious metal, and these earrings made from large rounds of Whitby Jet, a British gemstone made popular in the Victorian era by Queen Victoria, show this method off brilliantly with contrasting yellow gold granules, some set with champagne diamonds.[:]