FASHION Orange and pink taffeta headpiece by Rachel Trevor Morgan; white headpiece by Lizzie McQuade.
JEWELS Bee My Love white gold necklace set with tourmalines, pearls, turquoise beads and diamonds by Chaumet; rose gold bracelet with Moonlight crystals by Atelier Swarovski. Rings (from far left): Atelier Mystique Amarein star sapphire, diamond and white gold ring by Noor Fares; Miss Dior diamond, morganite and white gold ring by Dior Joaillerie; Limelight Party white gold and topaz ring by Piaget.

FASHION  Headband and flower headpiece by Lizzie McQuade; white hat by Francesco Ballestrazzi; shirt by Tony Maticevski at Selfridges; swimsuit (worn over shirt) by Lisa Marie Fernandez.
JEWELS Hoop earrings set with tsavorites and coloured sapphires in blackened gold by Boucheron; Imperiale white gold watch with mother-of-pearl dial by Chopard. Rings (from left): Freccia cornelian and rock crystal ring by Vhernier; Bee My Love rose gold ring with diamonds, pink sapphires, spessartite garnet and spinel by Chaumet; Attrape Moi Si Tu M’aimes yellow gold and citrine ring by Chaumet; Juste un Clou yellow gold ring by Cartier (just seen).

FASHION White floppy hat by Francesco Ballestrazzi; top by Stella McCartney. JEWELS Yellow gold, turquoise, peridot, ruby and rubellite flower earrings by Roya Noebashari at Talisman Gallery; Miss Dior white gold, diamond and amethyst ring by Dior Joaillerie (left hand); Paris Nouvelle Vague yellow gold and chrysoprase ring by Cartier (right hand, top); Limelight Party white gold and topaz ring by Piaget (right hand, below); Ultra white gold and ceramic bracelets by Chanel Fine Jewellery; Aria diamond and aventurine cuff by De Beers.

FASHION Floral headpiece by Vivien Sheriff; yellow headpiece with veil by Victoria Gran; Madame T scarf by Issey Miyake Pleats Please (worn as top). JEWELS Temptations rose gold, amethyst, sapphire and ruby earrings by Chopard; Limelight Garden Party emerald and diamond necklace by Piaget; two Amulette de Cartier yellow gold and diamond necklaces by Cartier, one set with chrysoprase and the other lapis lazuli.

FASHION Curled peacock feather headdress by Rachel Trevor Morgan; silk top by Isa Arfen at Selfridges.
JEWELS Tanzanite and emerald drop earrings by Adler; diamond necklace by Adler; crystal bracelet by Atelier Swarovski. Rings (from left): Ventaglio sapphire ring by Adler; white gold, aquamarine, amethyst and diamond ring by Chaumet; cherry coral and diamond ring by Dior Joaillerie.

FASHION Headpiece by Maison Michel; dress by Edit. JEWELS Yellow gold, green jade and bakelite earring by Francesca Villa (right ear); Fiesta citrine and smoky quartz earring by Nigel Milne (left ear); Krystallos Runa rose quartz, grey gold and diamond pendant by Noor Fares; Krystallos Ovum Amulet lapis lazuli, yellow gold and white topaz pendant by Noor Fares; Art Deco cornelian, diamond and onyx brooch by Nigel Milne; Freccia Piccolo lapis lazuli, rock crystal and pink gold ear clips, worn as brooch, by Vhernier; Atelier Mystique Amarein star sapphire, diamond and white gold ring by Noor Fares; Atelier Mystique Taw’am pink
 fire quartz, diamond and white gold ring by Noor Fares; yellow gold, ruby and diamond bracelet with toggle clasp by Nigel Milne; Murano gemstone and gold bracelet by Marco Bicego; metallic crystal bracelet by Atelier Swarovski.
Photographer: Diana Gomez    Stylist: Sabrina Henry