By Natalie Ball


Diva Finissima

Diva Finissima Minute Repeater celebrates a new world record with the world’s thinnest minute repeater movement in a ladies’ watch. This exquisite masterpiece raises a majestic anthem to artistry by chiming the time on demand while also celebrating a century of watchmaking and jewellery expertise, masterfully expressed through daring gemsetting and a dial embellished by gold-spangled Urushi lacquer. This watchmaking wonder celebrates the first Bvlgari creations dating back to 1918 in the form of exquisitely beautiful platinum jewellery watches adorned with magnificent diamonds.

Bulgari Finissima 2

Demurely concealing its ability to tell the time to music, the world-first Diva Finissima chimes a crystal-clear tune on demand, once the mechanism is activated by a gemset charm whirling in step with its owner’s wrist movements. By imbuing the passing of time with a rare degree of sophistication, this jewellery timepiece with its unique personality is a reminder of Bvlgari’s century-long attachment to this noble art.

The enchantingly refined Diva Finissima is graced with an exceptionally slim 18kt rose gold 37mm-diameter case. Its delightful design is softened by tapered lugs whose voluptuous curves are accentuated by brilliant-cut diamonds, while an 18kt rose gold winding crown set with a splendid facetted diamond offers a counterpoint to these gently rounded shapes. The face of the watch is crafted from Urushi lacquer, in harmony with the finest Japanese tradition, in which beautifully shimmering plant-based lacquer is applied to the dial plate to achieve a perfectly dense yet diaphanous cloud of gold spangles.

Diva Finissima is the jewellery accomplishment of a watchmaking miracle whose magic is only truly expressed through rarity – which is precisely why this model, a creative encapsulation of the skills faithfully nurtured by Bvlgari for 100 years, will be issued in a strictly limited edition of ten.

Diva’s Dream Phoenix Tourbillon

Divas’ Dreams draws inspiration from the permanent of the beauty of Rome, and in particular from the motif adorning the mosaics of the Caracalla thermal baths. Reinterpreted in an extremely modern manner, to the point of becoming a Bvlgari emblem, this geometric yet flowing petal-shaped pattern perfectly matches the round case of the watch, imbuing it with a sensuality naturally evoking the muses that continue to inspire the Maison.


Divas’ Dreams Phoenix embodies the quintessence of this line. Its elegant case surrounds a watch mechanism every bit as slim and delicate as the partially openworked and entirely hand-painted dial intricately depicting the phoenix alongside the ardent flames. Applying the colours calls for three full days of meticulous craftsmanship. Its vivid, flamboyant colours – ranging from red to orangey to yellow in subtly graded shades – make a delightful contrast with a scattering of blue accents. The legendary bird also appears around the inner rim of the slim 18kt rose gold case topped by a diamond-set bezel. It literally rests on the tourbillon mechanism, whose perpetual motion is entirely visible.

This splendid creation with its refined blend of artistic crafts is issued in a strictly limited 50-piece edition.

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