Magarit This lavish gold woman dressed in nothing but peacock feathers set with sapphires, and white and green diamonds is pure fantasy, and was inspired by the luxurious Palace of Versailles.

Wallace Chan
These titanium earrings with Paraiba tourmalines and pink sapphires carved into sea shells are inspired by sea fairies and will transport you to a magical underwater world.

Sarah Ho
Get lost in the clouds with these fanciful Lunar Pearl earrings dripping with Arabian pearls, blue sapphires, baguette and round diamonds and tiny mother-of-pearl clouds.

Lydia Courteille
Scales made of mesmerising Mexican fire opals and splashes of coloured gemstones make this gecko brooch appear more like a fantastical creature from an adventure story.

Many young girls dream of ballerinas, and now you can wear one of your finger with this rose gold, diamond and ruby ring that is topped with a figurine that can be spun to dazzling effect.

Bibi Van Der Velden
Lift a secret hatch at the side of this impressive gold, pearl and emerald ring and you’ll find a tiny nymph lifted straight from the pages of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
By Rachael Taylore[:]