The intricate jewels of Magerit are timeless heirlooms imbued with spirit and harmony, which are created by a team of designers lead by Creative Director, Daniel Calvo, in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

Gea is an admiration of nature and its exquisite perfection. Taking inspiration from the beautiful environment that surrounds us, and the surprising phenomena that are constantly taking place, the collection celebrates nature through motifs of seeds, petals and flowers. Just like nature, each Magerit piece is unique, original and unrepeatable.

Magerit Genus

The collection takes its name from the goddess Gea, considered a source of all life and creator of the universe, according to ancient Greek mythology.

This inspiration is conveyed in the striking Gea necklace. Delicate branches and flowers envelop the sculptural body of the goddess, whose posture is reminiscent of the protagonists of frescoes of creation, such as those used by the great Michelangelo to decorate the central vault of the Sistine Chapel. Its original structure and the exquisite detail with which it has been crafted, make this piece an authentic and timeless work of art.

The Áurea pieces in the collection represent growth, evolution, continuous development and eternity, while the Genus jewels take inspiration from multiple flower births.

Magerit GEA