Words: Wilhelmina Sahuleka

Silk Restaurant & Main Pool 1.

A severe case of pneumonia in 2003 was nearly fatal for Allan Zeman but, much to his own surprise, he made a full recovery. As the illness had drained much of his strength, he and his wife decided that, instead of celebrating the Chinese New Year in a luxury Canadian winter sports resort, they would go to Phuket in Thailand.

Although Zeman had already visited Phuket on various occasions, the beauty of the island touched him deeply this time. By the end of his stay he had lost his heart to the Thai island and bought a piece of land by Laem Singh beach to build a holiday home.

His house became a popular landmark on the island and this recognition led Zeman almost automatically to his next project. Phuket seemed to be a great attraction for wealthy Asians who were moving into luxury villas there, but the local level of nightlife and restaurants left much to be desired. Zeman saw a gap in the market and so designed and created Surin Plaza, a luxury shopping centre with sophisticated restaurants.

Shortly after this, Zeman was approached with a proposal to construct a villa resort. He was not happy with the original plans, however, and decided to take over the entire project in order to create a resort based on his own ideas. The style and architecture of his own villa in Laem Singh served as the foundation for constructing what was eventually to become Andara.

The hotel construction of the Andara Resort & Villas, as the complex is officially called, allows the owners of the villas to rent out their houses privately, which is a win-win situation for the rich and famous looking for the last word in luxury holiday locations.

Andara Resort

Situated in Kamala Bay on the west coast of Phuket, every villa has a breathtaking view over the Andaman Sea. This is because the villas are arranged in an uphill terraced construction. Every possible form of luxury has been included. For example, the architecture of the villas combines contemporary design with traditional elements, harmoniously integrating swimming pools, fitness areas, terraces and verandas with kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. And the subdued but luxurious and spacious interiors are a feast for the eye.

You can even have a personal villa assistant and your own chef, in case you should prefer not to go out to one of the many excellent restaurants in the neighbourhood. If you do venture out, one of the restaurants you will find is Silk, where you can enjoy exquisite Thai specialities prepared from fresh, local ingredients. Silk is on a grand scale with modern and open décor with a view over a beautiful swimming pool with waving palm trees and, in the distance behind them, a vista of the Andaman Sea. It is a spectacular location. The menu is very extensive and comprises the very best locally produced ingredients, while various Western options are also available.

Besides delicious dishes, fitness and wellness also play an important role in the Phuket lifestyle. Kamala Bay actually has many high-end health spas and wellness centres. Andara itself also has its own stylish fitness centre with the very latest equipment. And if you would like guidance or advice, there are full-time instructors who can provide you with a wide range of professional help to ensure you achieve the desired results in a relatively short time.

And the greatest treat after a training session is a wonderful, long visit to the Andara Spa. You can choose from many types of massages and facial treatments. The staff invite you to fill out a form so they can create as accurate a picture as possible of your health requirements and wishes. There is practically nothing left to be desired in Andara, everything you could possibly want is already here.


Visit the website here: www.andaraphuket.com

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