By Frances Hopes

Trained in gemmology and with a Masters in art history, French jewellery designer Aurélie Bidermann is renowned for her exquisite craftsmanship. Her fashion and fine jewellery collections are heavily inspired by nature.

Bidermann’s Ana collection brings a range of colours to the season, with turquoise resin pearls and coral set on 18ct gold plate, while Elvira offers colour in a more statement style. Bright enamel beetles are proudly on display in Elvira earrings and pendants, continuing the on-trend pink, red and turquoise colourways.

Aurelie Bidermann 1
Aurelie Bidermann 2
Aurelie Bidermann 3

The Maria and Positano collections demonstrate Bidermann’s geometric inspiration, with chunky 18ct gold plate rings and bangles – perfect for stacking – set with turquoise enamel and delicate rose quartz.

Aurelie Bidermann 4
Aurelie Bidermann 5
Aurelie Bidermann 6

Meanwhile, her love of nature is apparent in the floral and leaf motifs found in Selena, Aurelie and Rose collections. Nowhere is this inspiration more apparent than in the pieces in her Wheat range, where 18ct gold plated earrings, a cuff and a necklace make a dramatic statement.

Aurelie Bidermann 9
Aurelie Bidermann 8
Aurelie Bidermann 7

Bidermann’s fine jewellery collection continues the nature theme, where her new Bouquet collection sets subtle colours of blue topaz, rhodolite garnet and tsavorite at the centre of a 18ct yellow gold flower.